Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Indian Railways and IRCTC Online Railway Booking

Amid the mode of transportation available in India, it is Indian Railways that is the most preferred. This organization happens to employ the most number of staff than any other organization in the country. No matter which part of the country you want to go to encompassing east, west, north, south, you may opt to travel by rail. The greatest enjoyment associated with traveling by train is that from the comfort of your space, you can luxuriate in the myriad terrains that the train crosses. Today railway booking is no longer a hassle-oriented affair. If you do not have time to stand in queue, do not worry. Railway booking can be done online either at the IRCTC website or at a travel portal. When you do your railway booking at IRCTC, do not forget to enter the correct mobile number; you will receive SMS alerts for your ticket booking.  

The service charges levied by IRCTC for online railway booking are meager. It is Rs.10 per e-ticket in case of sleeper class (SL) and Second sitting (2S) and Rs.20 per e-ticket in case of all other classes (1AC, 2AC, 3AC, CC, 3E, FC). If online railway booking is done for, say five passengers, you will have to pay the service charges for all five passengers. The booking facility at the IRCTC website or a travel portal is available almost round the clock, i.e. from 00:30 Hrs to 23:30 Hrs. When you go for online railway booking, you should carry a valid photo identity card while traveling otherwise you will only meet up with unwanted hassles. Carrying of photo identity card, such as Nationalised Bank Passbook with photograph, is mandatory. For students, Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School /College will be valid. Visit the IRCTC website of Indian Railways to know what other photo identity cards are valid for verification.

If you are interest to book your meals in advance along with your railway booking, the same can be done at the IRCTC website. Of course, for certain trains like Rajdhani, you need not book a meal as it is offered for free. Book a Meal is an online pilot project by Indian Railways and it has been launched in trains 12628 Karnataka Express and 12780 Goa Express. The project will soon be introduced in other trains.  

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