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Train Between station is a best way to know one station to another station which train running , you can know booking status of train. you have too visit official site of irctc indian railway and there you have to login there and put name of station then select date of journey and click on detail then u get all detail about station to station trains and then u can see booking status of each train and timing also.

When you think of reserving a ticket, one of the first things which comes to your mind are the exact trains available on that route, their availability and timings. After getting the list of the trains that run between the place you reside and the place you wish to head to, it will become easy for booking tickets which are running as per your schedule.

Often there are occasions in which some trains are full and others trains are not going. So, checking these details will help you to get a confirmed ticket on this route. If you do this, you will come across countless options through which you can ensure reservation according to your choice of timing, class and train. Here we suggest some ways to plan your trip more wisely by checking train running between two stations.

Easy way to check Train Running Between Two Stations:

Once you go to the train between stations tab, check the name of the source or initial station and final or destination station along with date of journey. Source station refers to the place from where you will be boarding your train.

For example, if you wish to travel from Delhi to Kolkata, then Delhi will be your destination station and Kolkata will be your source station. Fill up your details and click on the "Go" button and check all trains running between the stations which are displayed on the screen. Station code may also be used instead of the station name then you will come to know it.



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