Monday, October 7, 2013

Get PNR Status for IRCTC Rail Ticket

There are several methods made available by many companies. I will point out some of them that I have used and found pretty useful. Just for the reference purposes I am mentioning the sites where the facility is available. None of them are related to my business or interests in any means.

There are many web sites providing IRCTC PNR status online, some of them requires you to sign in and some of them allows you to check the status even without signing in. Just do a Google search on IRCTC PNR status, you will get the sites without much problem. In this article I want to mention some offline methods that you need to be aware of in case you don't have access the internet.

Getting the PNR status for your IRCTC train ticket through mobile and other offline means

One option is to install the official irctc mobile application from irctcmobile(.)co(.)in. Download and use. Its free and pretty easy to use.
Another option is to install the ngpay application which helps you to check the PNR status through your mobile
Another way is to call 139. They offer IVRS system which asks your PNR number and tells you the latest status.
Now a days all the mobile service providers in India has started giving alerts for IRCTC PNR status. Just contact your customer care for more details on that.
Indian citizen can also send to58888 to get latest IRCTC PNR status.
Last but not the least check for the Automated machines in some stations that uses interactive touch technology to give the status. This is now common in major stations throughout India.


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